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GENERAL: Continue dead-heading. Feed pots, baskets and window boxes regularly. Water containers and hanging baskets early in the morning or late in the evening - how about installing a watering system? Plant hardy perennials, roses, deciduous trees, shrubs, climbers and fruit. Feed Roses. Clean the pond filter regularly. If the pond goes green - check that the UV tube is working. VEGETABLES: Pick French and runner beans. Harvest remaining potatoes. Harvest baby beetroots and carrots.
Pick ripe tomatoes. Pinch out side shoots unless they are of the bush variety. Continue to feed and water regularly. GOING ON HOLIDAY? Give everything a good soaking.  Move containers, hanging baskets and pots into the shade.  Invest in a watering system! FRUIT: Harvest!  Cut out canes that have finished fruiting.  Tie in new canes. LAWNS: If the lawn looks a bit brown through lack of rain - don't feed, just wait for the rain to rejuvinate it.  If the lawn gets a bit scruffy, give it a light cut. BULBS: Get your winter bulbs.