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GENERAL: Dig up spring-flowering bulbs and store. Take 4"-long cuttings of buddleja, clematis, honeysuckle and root in multi-purpose compost mixed with sharp sand, perlite or coarse grit. Feed Sweet Peas weekly with high potash liquid fertiliser. Shade the greenhouse either with shading material on the inside or shading paint on the outside. How about installing a drip watering system before your holidays? Feed Roses. Clean the pond filter regularly. If the pond goes green - check that the UV tube is working. VEGETABLES: Start to harvest early crops. Sow maincrop vegetables such as Runner Beans, Beetroot, Courgette, Calabrese and Lettuce into pots or final growing position. Sow parsley in pots for a winter crop.
Feed Tomatoes once the first truss has set. FRUIT: Thin Apple, Pear and Plum fruitlets. Mulch Strawberries. Put up protective netting over fruit before the birds take them Harvest Soft Fruits. LAWNS: Rake grass to remove moss and thatch. Feed the grass if needed. BEDDING: Plant out summer bedding plants. Make up window boxes and troughs. Put out Hanging Baskets. HERBS: Remove flowers from Lemon Balm, Chives and Basil. TREES: Ensure Fruit Trees and Bushes are kept well watered to stop them dropping their fruit .