Plants & Trees: Alpines, Clematis, Conifers, Fruit Trees, Grasses, Herbs, Japanese Maples, Ornamental Trees, Perennials, Roses, Shrubs, Soft Fruit, Water Garden, Wild Flowers. Hanging Baskets, Tubs, Hay Racks, Troughs:  New or have your own made up for Summer or Winter.
Rockdust: Improves crops, compost and gives environmental  benefits (20kg bag £9.99, carton £2.99). Neudorff: Wide range of products designed for natural gardening. RootgrowProduct based around mycorrhizal fungi, an essential micro organism, vital for successful establishment of plants. Accessories: Dry products, Pots, Peat- Free Compost, Strulch, National Garden Gift Vouchers etc. Bird Food, Tables, Boxes, Feeders. Bonds Ice Cream! Display Areas: See how your plants will look. Information Centre: On the spot reference and ideas.
Wild Life: WILDLIFE GARDEN - Viewing hide now OPEN!
THE place for plants! RIBBLESDALE
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