PRESTON Lytham Ribblesdale Garden Railway - an overview Garstang Fleetwood (crossing the 'non-existant' River Wyre bridge!) Our version of the BLACKPOOL Tram Blackpool (complete with tram) Broughton (for Ribblesdale Nurseries) The Farm
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The layout ran for over 10 years from 2008 and was finally ‘lifted’ in February 2019.  The layout replicated the Preston - St. Annes - Blackpool - Fleetwood - Garstang tracks  of yesteryear. It included the direct line to Blackpool South, the line to Blackpool North  and the direct line to Fleetwood. To make the circuit - a link between Blackpool South  and Blackpool North was created along with the installation of a bridge across the Wyre  
between Fleetwood and Knott End. The layout was designed to be initiated by  customers (large and small!) to the  Garden Plant Centre. We had two LGB  trains - a steam locomotive (with very  realistic sound) with two passenger  carriages and diesel freight with two  loaded wagons which automatically went  round the four circuits, stopping at the  intermediate stations and then standing in  the loop in the West Coast Main Line at  'Broughton for Ribblesdale Nurseries'  awaiting the 'Go' command from another  customer. There were 6 stations with covered  illuminated waiting rooms at Preston,  
Lytham, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Garstang and Broughton.  The location of  intermediate stations were marked with station signs.  Landscaping included the Lancaster Canal, River Wyre, a large Greenhouse at  Broughton (Ribblesdale Nurseries!) and a Windmill at Lytham . The Farm came  complete with cows, sheep, pigs, horse, tractor & fork-lift truck (and Welsh Dragon!) 
Ribblesdale's G-Gauge Garden Railway   The TRAIN and TRAM have now been removed
Outdoor Model Railway with Beacon Fell in the background
The Tower at Blackpool even had its red light on the top!  As you would expect we had a ‘Blackpool’ Tram which ran  along the front from Squires Gate to Fleetwood - again  controlled by the customer! For the technically minded: G-Gauge was based on 45mm  track (00 gauge is 16.5mm!) with a scale of about 20 to 1  (a 6 ft. person is about 3 and a half inches tall).  
The trains were 24V AC digitally (LGB MTS) controlled whereas the tram was DC  analogue.